Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How to get maximum free RAM in your android device?

I am using android device from last six months
My view is...
1. Always root your device.
2. Install CWM recovery

You can read on google about pros &  cons of rooting. I am not gonna repeat all that.
But there is an app in store which is very essential after rooting.
Using this app you can permanently stop any app from working and conserve your ram for more important applications.

Here i have quarantined the apps i rarely use
Use it to know the difference. 

Just select the app you want to quarantine. And hit lock icon in upper right corner.  To unlock app just go to quarantine list and select the app and hit unlock icon. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

how to switch internal sd card with ext sd card?

i am not responsible for any harm to ur device
but nothing happened with me

so this is the easiest possible way

1. root micromax a110, take a backup of your rom via cwm recovery
2. download root explorer apk from google
3. go to system/etc/vold.fstab change read/write from read only
do not worry about vold/fstab/nandi
4. copy this file and paste in the same folder.... it will copy as vold.fstab.copy
5. rename it as vold.fstab.old
6. open vold.sftab as text editor
7. just add 2 after sdcard in first line and delete 2 from sdcard in second line
as shown in this picture
restart your device
its done

### edit ##after restarting your device attach your device in usb mode with pc and copy all data from old sd card to new sd card to make all your apps work properly

If u dont want to edit file den just copy paste this file in system/etc and replace vold/fstab
edited vold.fstab

But still you have to copy all old sdcard content in new sdcard